Is your partner cheating?

This time of year provides ample opportunity to reflect on your relationship. Unfortunately relationships-and particularly marriages are losing their value. It is heart-breaking to think that the commitment of marriage is being so poorly valued in the world today. Marriage and meaningful relationships are fundamental to both our emotional and psychic well being. However we all make mistakes, and can all fall into the trap of cheating. So how can you tell if your partner is cheating on you?

There are a variety of different reasons that lead people to cheat. For women, most cheat as they are simply not happy in their marriage or relationship. They feel like they are being taken for granted, lonely and struggling to connect with their husband.

In contrast, men are often happy in their marriages. Apparently, long term relationships suck the sex drive out of women and as a result leaving the man needing to find satisfaction some other way-and as a result seek a new challenge and excitement cheating on their spouse.

Often, it’s not necessarily just the cheater who is at fault for the affair. If we are not doing our part in our relationships by satisfying both the emotional and physical needs of our spouse, we are actually subliminally pushing them towards exactly where we don’t want them to go.

Relationships are precious and take work. As you and your partner take the time to strengthen each other and meet each-others needs you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

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