Psychic Protection

Interacting with psychic activity more often than not is an eceptionally joyful and rewarding experience; however without the right psychic protection it can sometimes become destructive. It is important for anyone participating in psychic activities to ensure they take some simple yet effective steps of psychic protection. So where do you start?


It is important to clean a space or room physically as well as spiritually before beginning any psychic activities. Get rid of any mess or clutter and, if you have one, use a smudge stickThis can be done with a smudge stick to cleanse the room spiritually. Simply light the smudge stick and walk around the four corners of the room, cleansing the area as you wave it around.

Use Crystals

Crystals are one of the most effective and popular tools used by psychic readers for readings, and have long been renowned for their highly effective safeguard against spiritual and supernatural danger.

Positive Thoughts

One thing that is so often underestimated is the ability to stay positive. Positive thoughts invites positive
energy, and vice versa. As you learn to control your thoughts positively, you are effectively keeping evil energy away.


No matter what you believe in, prayers should be in the pattern of protecting the psychic and the client and should also include after reading protection.

As you make the effort to protect yourself, and your home or workplace, you will be able to get alot more out of your readings; as you are able to enjoy a psychic reading without fear.

If you are looking for more ways to protect your psychic, physical, and emotional well being speak to one of our accomplished psychic readers readers today.